Professional price China Reliable Standard Weld-on Hubs YY Weld-on Hubs Durable standard weld-on hubs

Professional  price  China Reliable Standard Weld-on Hubs YY Weld-on Hubs Durable standard weld-on hubs

Detail Information

Standard Weld-on Hubs–HYY518/C88WYY100 dimensions

Standard Weld-on Hubs Specifications

Part No. PLI hub No. Bore Dimension
HYY518 YY×2 Plainbore 2″plainbore 2.75 5 0.688 1.438 5
C88WYY100 YY×2 Plainbore 1″plainbore 2.75 5 0.688 1.438 5

EP Group has increased its business lines to include Power Transmission Units and Components, Automotive Parts and Materials Handling Systems. Product Information

The products are made of high quality alloy steel production. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technology. The pin, bush, roller are machined by high-efficiency automatic equipment and automatic grinding equipment, then through heat treatment of carburization, carbon and nitrogen protection mesh belt furnace, surface blasting process etc. Assembled precision by Internal hole position, spin riveted by pressure to ensure the performance of the entire chain.


* Standard standard weld-on hubs

* OEM standard weld-on hubs

High Performance:

√Strong Ultimate tensile strength
√Perfect surface treatment

Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.

High quality: 

√Corrosion resistance

√Durable, Robust and Reliable

√Bad condition resistance

√Lower weight–high speed

Application industries:


√Building Material
√Oil and Gas

√Technology and Science


Plastic bag+Neutral box +Plywood box

EPT European Spur Gears are widely used in Agriculture,Printing,Chemical,Food and Beverage,General Machinery,Oil and Gas,Packaging and Logistics,Paper Industry,Textile industry,Woodworking Machinery and so on. 

The biggest characteristic is that the chains can be customized in different standard and materials according to your requirements. Made fromEPG is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production. the steel and the up-to-date skills as well as precision procedures, the high quality roller chain can withstand strong pressure and high temperature.

Durable standard weld-on hubs