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We EPG team one of the Greatest Chain and sprocket company in China. We offer you most sort of market chains, agricultural chains, conveyor chains and related sprockets and many others…….. Get in touch with us: Wechat/whatsapp/mobile: +86-13083988828
This We are aiming to meet the demands of the customers around the entire world.. a specialized provider of a total selection of chain & sprockets, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….Although we just take satisfaction in getting “Collar Experts”, our experience in sourcing high quality items has manufactured Lucas Industrial a valued provider of other electrical power transmission items as properly. 1st amongst these are linear bearings with interchanges available for nearly all types and measurements. Other electricity transmission goods available via Lucas Industrial include leaf chain & sprocket, roller chain & sprocket, lumber conveying chain & sprocket, rigid couplings, ball bearings, and sprockets.100BS24 sprocket functions a two-7/sixteen” completed bore with a important-way and two set screws. It is a sturdy, large quality, and precision sprocket with 24 hardened tooth. Sprockets that have hardened tooth final longer and are much far more resilient than these that do not. Some thing else that is notable about this 100BS24 sprocket is that it completely meets all ANSI Requirements, which insures proper make contact with among the #a hundred roller chain & sprocket and sprocket therefore avoiding premature put on or breakage. This sprocket is also black oxide coated which boosts resistance to the atmosphere and will prevent early rust create up. We also offer stock bore sprockets, custom made bore and produced to order sprockets, and a total line of ANSI #one hundred roller chain & sprocket. Fore much more data, large quantities, or to get a custom made sprocket you should make contact with us and we will be pleased to support you.

100BS24 two seven/sixteen” Finished Bore Sprocket Dimensions

  • Sprocket Measurement: 100BS24
  • Tooth Rely: 24
  • Outdoors Diameter: 10.250″
  • Sprocket Variety: B
  • Bore Dimension: two-seven/sixteen”
  • Keyway Dimension: five/eight” X 5/sixteen”
  • Hub Diameter: 4-one/two”
  • Size Thru Bore: 2″
  • Sprocket W8: 19.2 LBS

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China 100BS24 Sprocket With 2-7/16

China 100BS24 Sprocket With 2-7/16

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